Ministry Needs

At the present time, Praise is in need of member assistance in two areas: Sunday/Wednesday Audio/Video and Sunday morning Worship Ministry preparations (chancel parament updates and Holy Communion set up).

Please contact Josh Gumbert for information on how to assist with Worship Audio/Video needs. Of particular interest at this time are those who are able to advance the Worship slides during our Worship Services. 

Please contact John and Susie Dykhuizen for information on how to assist with Worship Ministry preparations prior to Worship.  We recognize that folks may not feel comfortable coming onsite for set up purposes when groups are gathering, due to social distancing/health concerns. With this in mind, we would like to ask for your consideration in coming onsite prior to the day of Worship in order to assist with set up. This will not only help ensure that you are able to socially distance, it will also help ensure that precious ministries continue moving forward. Arrangements for set up prior to group gatherings can be comfortably arranged.

Your help in these areas will ensure that our ministries maintain precious Gospel momentum at this time. Thank you!

Praise Ministries are Going Green(er)

As of late you may have noticed that our campus now has a green Paper Gator recycling bin near our blue trash dumpster. We are encouraged at this new opportunity to care for God’s Creation through recycling of paper based materials. Before depositing paper based recycling materials into our blue recycling bins indoors or the green Paper Gator bin outside, please take a moment to read the posted list of acceptable/unacceptable items.

What can go in the bins?

Newsprint, Catalogs/Magazines, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Office/School paper, Hard and Soft cover books, Paperboard, Grocery Item boxes, standard staples & paper clips are ok, shredded paper (preferred in CLEAR plastic bags)

What can’t go in the bins?

Plastic, Metal, Trash, Glass, Cardboard

Sunday November 22 Voter’s Meeting Thank You

Thank you to all members of Praise who participated in the November 22 Voter’s Meeting to adopt the 2021 Budget.  Having adopted the proposed budget we look forward to the opportunities now set before us to serve our congregation, school, and community with the Gospel Ministries of our Lord Jesus!

Advent Worship Services

This evening marks the second Wednesday in the Church Season of Advent (the time of remembering and celebrating the coming of the birth of Christ). During Advent, Praise will offer a midweek Advent Worship Service at 7pm. We pray that this time will be a blessing to you in your week as we come together to rest within the hope of our great Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ! 

Our next Midweek Advent Service will be held on:

Wednesday Dec. 16 at 7pm

Christmas Day Worship with Holy Communion

Will be celebrated on Friday December 25 at 10:30.  We hope you can join us in the celebration of our Savior’s Birth!


Sunday Morning Series: Surpassing our Expectations 

Through our new sermon series, Surpassing our Expectations, we will take time to watch as God consistently does more than any of us could ever imagine (Ephesians 3:20), particularly through His Son, Jesus. This Advent season, we will see that just as it was in the past, God is seeking to move His Gospel Mission forward in ways that engage us, challenge us, and orient our lives around the reality of Who our Savior Jesus truly is!


Midweek (Wed.) Sermon Series in Advent: Fear Not!

In Psalm 27 David writes: “The LORD is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?” Perhaps there is a part of you that resonates with this because you have lived (are living) the experience of fear.  God knows the fears His people face: loneliness, broken relationships, illness, financial strains, exposure (and the list goes on).  Out of deep love and with real hope, then, God comes to us today with this message: “Fear Not!” Through our midweek sermon series in Advent, Fear Not!, come and experience God’s message of courage, peace, hope, rest, and love for you, as it is anchored to the incarnational Word of God standing with you even now, Jesus Christ.

Christmas Giving Tree

Do you know of anyone who could use some help for Christmas? Even if it’s yourself, we want to help. Everything is kept strictly confidential, so there’s no need to worry. Tags with items needed are put on the Giving Tree. Please look at the various tags on the Giving Tree and pick out one (or more) that you would like to purchase for someone. Gift wrap each gift and attach the tag(s) to the proper gifts. If you choose to give a gift card, wrap or place in an envelope or wrapped box and attach the proper tag to it. Then place under the tree. All the gifts are delivered safely to the recipients. All gifts must be turned in by Sunday, December 20th. Contact Sandy Wright with any questions or concerns at 260-637-1132 or


Thrivent Action Grants Needed

If you have a policy or investment with Thrivent, you may also be eligible for two $250 action grants per calendar year! These grants are available to help with a wide variety of

projects at Praise. If you are a Thrivent member, we ask you contact the church office to make sure you are in our database.


Cross Connections Christian Counseling

At the present time Cross Connections is blessed to offer free Biblical counseling to healthcare professionals and their

immediate family members through the Serve our Servants

(SOS) Fund.  Please contact Cross Connections for more information. (260)-373-0213

 Audio/Video Platform Updates

Please use the YouTube link below to access both our current and past Worship Services.  Also, please be sure to click the red “Subscribe” button so that we may continue to support our Gospel ministries.

Praise Lutheran YouTube Channel (which is used for viewing our live and former Worship Services)

Praise Lutheran Website (which is used for congregation/school information, up to date information, etc.):

Praise Lutheran Instagram (which is used for additional up to date information):

Praise Lutheran Facebook Page (which is used for up to date information):

Please contact Josh Gumbert with questions and/or thoughts:


Giving of Our Tithes and Offerings to The Lord

During this season, you are invited to join us as we continue to give thanks to God with our Tithes and Offerings.

Tithes and Offerings may be left within the Offering Plates near the Sanctuary Doors as you enter/leave, or you may utilize one of two additional options: online giving via Praise’s

website ( or physical mailings.