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Installation Service for our new Senior Pastor Seth Korte - We Are Blessed!
Pastor Seth Korte’s installation as the pastor of Praise Lutheran Church – June 2016

New Members in December 2016.

New members on Dec. 2016.

New members in early 2017.

Kara Korte’s baby shower. (Barbara Dyrcz Rasdorf writing down gifts and names.)


Baptism of Evan Korte, son of Pastor Seth and Kara Korte. (also,next two pictures below)


Church Picnic honoring Veterans (and the next three pictures below)


Christmas Service – 2018


Hope for the Holidays -2018

Hope for the Holidays – Darlene Moore’s solo. 2018 (also 2018 pictures of Hope for the Holidays next two picutures below.)

Epiphany 2016 – taking down decorations
Epiphany is here, time to take down the church's Christmas decorations.Thank you to our ever-faithful Praise volunteers!
Thank you to our ever-faithful Praise volunteers!
Our hope is in Christ and this service was a reminder again of our hope, faith and confidence in Christ!
Christmas 2015  Voices of Praise – sharing Christmas music during the church services. 2015
We love that Pastor Chad Potts came back to Praise just to preach for Hope for the Holidays!
Pastor Chad Potts came back to preach during Hope for the Holidays. 2015

Game Night 2017 (also next eight



 New Members - Sept. 2019

New Members in September 2019: Front row: L-R: Bruce Zenner, Diana Wallace, Nona (Noni) Zenner, Steve Pierzchala, Darla Pierzchala. Back – Pastor Seth Korte, Andy Carr, Cathy Carr, Maggie Carr, Adam Carr, Madelyn Carr, Connor Carr.
Little Praiser’s Book fair in the church’s lobby:
Little Praiser's Book fair in the church's lobby.

Flowers at the front of the church for a member’s funeral.

Front of church during January 2018


The “Going Away” party for Jim and Kathy Skurzewski on June 23, 2019. Moving to Florida.  (also the next eight pictures below)


Kathy’s son saying the prayer before the meal.

Sunday morning Fellowship time: Donuts and Coffee

Lois, Susan, and Kathy enjoying time during Becca’s welcome luncheon.






Wedding that Pastor Seth performed for Joe and Barbara (Dyrcz) Rasdorf on May 26, 2019. (At Geoglein’s Garden and Reception Hall) Photography: J3Deisgns Photography

Wedding that Pastor Seth performed for Joe and Barbara (Dyrcz) Rasdorf on May 26, 2019.  Photography: J3Deisgns Photography

Wedding of Joe and Barbara Rasdorf – performed by Pastor Seth.  Photography: J3Deisgns Photography


Front of Praise Lutheran Church – 2019

  Terry Huston and Dan Logan working many hours to help repair our church’s kitchen – Jan. 2020

 This is a link to watch a video from Facebook showing a Christmas Eve service 2017: 
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