Little Praisers Fundraisers


Please contact our daycare office (260) 490-9529 if you have any information on fundraisers for our Pre-School and Childcare to consider.
We would like to welcome our local community to make a global impact by recycling paper products (only)! Whether you are a member of #Praise or just a eco-friendly neighbor, all are invited to make a difference.
PaperGator® is a program that provides an opportunity for everyone to support our ministry and improve our environment. The PaperGator program is a unique fundraiser that assists non-profit organizations (like churches or schools) by paying for collected paper products to be recycled. Bring your junk mail, magazines, newspaper, books and more to discard in the green PaperGator dumpster located in the SE corner of our parking lot at any time. For a full listing of acceptable paper products, visit their website (at Thank you in advance!
Below are fundraisers that our Preschool sponsored:
*Penny Wars to see which classroom could collect the most! [2022]
*Bake Sale with homemade goodies from workers and families! [2022]
*Little Praisers’ Annual Garage Sale/Sidewalk Sale 
(It was a success!) [2022]
*Little Praisers’ Book Fair and Christmas Program
*Fall Festivals